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Commentary – The Unknown Krefeld Villas
July 9, 2011, 3:49 pm
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The Krefeld Villas

Few architects receive the acclaim and recognition associated with Frank Lloyd Wright in their lifetime or even after they have passed. The life and work of the architect is unglamorous and often goes unnoticed. Even the uber-famous have projects that tend to get overlooked. This week I am focusing on a pair of villas designed by Mies in the town of Krefeld, Germany. The two houses were built between 1927-1930 in the International style. From the outside these two properties resemble office buildings rather than residences. A critical reader may consider them drab if not downright ugly. Mies himself was rather critical of these buildings as well, indicating that his client chose not to include as much glazing as Mies would have preferred. Mies said, “I had great trouble”. Today the two villas serve as a museum to contemporary art in the city of Krefeld.

In honor of these overlooked projects, I opted to made a study of the villas and found them quite fascinating. Below are some photos of the Krefeld Villas by Mies.

Inspired by the Krefeld Villas, I decided to create my own version. My villa is a 2 bedroom, 3.5 bath home with a separate in-law apartment and a two car garage. The house has amenities such as a library and a total of 4 fireplaces along with ornamental ponds and gardens. Below is a rendering of my creation.

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