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Redevelopment of Chernobyl – A fool’s paradise
November 2, 2011, 5:45 am
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A recent article appeared on the ArchDaily website presenting a tourist redevelopment scheme for the area around the Chernobyl nuclear accident in the Ukraine. Although novel and space age in design, such a proposal is downright stupid and speaks to our arrogance and presumed mastery of nuclear power as a species. The article claims that the area around the plant is no longer dangerous,

“The majority of people have an extremely negative idea about the exclusion zone around Chernobyl nuclear power plant, though quite a big part of this territory does not pose any radioactive hazard.”

This is nonsense. Off course it is still dangerous. Only an absolute fool would intentionally go into this area deliberately. Anthony Bourdain I am speaking about you here. Compare the propaganda from the architects with actual photos taken from the area with gieger counter readings shown in the photo. This photo taken next to the concrete encased reactor shows a reading of .481 Roentgens. And a mile or two down the road, the grass is reading .139 Roentgens. To put these values in perspective, The typical exposure to normal background radiation for a human being is about 200 milliroentgens per year (.00200 Roentgens), or about 23 microroentgens per hour (.00000023 Roentgens/hour). 100 Roentgens will lead to radiation sickness and 500 Roentgens to death. So even in the grass a mile or so away from the power plant, (the proposed area for development) the .139 Roentgens reading is many many times the normal background radiation dose. To account for the radiation exposure the proposed housing will have decontamination units on the ground floor of the housing modules. Do people really want to live their lives going through decontamination units on a daily basis?

Photos of Site Today taken from a tour of the area.

Photo of Concrete Encased Nuclear Reactor with reading from Gieger Counter

Photo of ground reading a mile away

The rendered people walking in the grass are looking pretty stupid aren’t they. Now lets compare the situation in Japan where 3 reactors melted through their containment units as well as evidence of a fire over an adjacent fuel pool. As of this post date (Nov 2, 2011) Reactor 1 is just getting its concrete containment finalized some 7 months after the initial accident while Reactors 2 & 3 remain uncovered and continually leaking radiation. The level of coverup, denial and downright indifference to this ongoing problem is more evidence to our arrogance and willingness to bury our heads in the sand to the detrimental effects of radiation on our planet and humanity in general. Since the mainstream US media chose to ignore the issue and focus on drivel (aka Kim Kardashian’s divorce) the real costs of these disasters go unrealized and vastly underreported.

To me it is inconceivable to even think of building in a nuclear fallout zone, and actively encouraging tourists to come to receive sizable doses of radiation willingly and to pay to do it to boot. Just how stupid are we.

I am including links to all the facts cited for this article if you are curious and would like to validate it independently. I am also including links to the Fairewinds website, which posts the most up to date no bullshit reports on conditions in Japan to educate yourself on the cleanup and true impact of the Japan and Russian catastrophes.

Arch daily article

Photo tour of Chernobyl

WikiLeaks Info on Roentgens

Anthony Bourdain’s Trip to the Ukraine

Fairewinds Website

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