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Trips to Famous Buildings – The Twilight Houses
November 18, 2011, 5:53 pm
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To commemorate the launch of the latest Twilight franchise film, I though that I would create a post that showcases the Cullen houses featured in the films. In my mind the architecture was the most interesting thing about the series. The books were a high school English teacher’s worst nightmare; Stephanie Meyer never described the characters beyond the meaningless adjective ‘interesting’ and the author spent more time describing Bella’s truck then the protagonist herself. The acting in the films was also uninspired and perhaps unintentionally funny.

The Icy Gaze

Enough about the movies, back to architecture. The film makers used several houses for the Cullen residence. The first house featured in the movie Twilight was the Hoke House designed by Skylab architect Jeff Kovel for a Nike executive.

The second Cullen house featured in New Moon is located in Vancouver and is currently for sale for just under $3 million dollars. It was designed by architect Brian Hemingway.

Below are more photos from both houses.

Links to Respective Architect’s Websites
Skylab Architecture
Brian Hemingway

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