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Building Typology – The Parking Garage
January 6, 2012, 7:58 pm
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Winthrop Square Parking Garage, Boston, MA

Hello readers,

It is a new year and for the first post of 2012 I thought I would devote it to a building type that rarely gets any attention, the parking garage. Normally these are structures that are made as nondescript and forgettable as possible; their sole purpose being a place to park vehicles. However when an architect pours his energies into creating something beautiful as well as functional, the results are often exemplary. Below are a few of the more noteworthy parking structures that I have seen.

Of all the places that I have visited, I would have to say that Melbourne, Australia is the city that really knows how to do car parks the best. There are more underground parking facilities in Melbourne than any other city I can think of. The best being the one right on the Uni Melbourne campus. You would never know that there was a garage right below the quad.

Melbourne Uni Quad, Carlton, Victoria, AU (garage underneath)

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